El Nido House

The private residence is located in Malibu in proximity to the El Nido subdivision overlooking the Pacific Ocean.Making sure to capture the spectacular ocean-, landscape- and city views the house concept consist of two plain building volumes that are staged on top of each other. The upper building volumes dining-, living-, and master bedrooms are directed toward the Pacific Ocean and spectacular surrounding views toward Santa Monica and the Los Angeles bay area.  All rooms open up toward the spacious pool deck.  The roof overhangs and movable shading device over the pool deck have been designed to spend shade and help keeping the house cool through the summer days. The interior courtyard/roof deck access on the upper floor of the house provides additional cross ventilation, and natural light. In addition to a 1,000 sf roof deck the white cool roof of the house will accommodate photovoltaic and solar thermal panels to provide electricity and radiant floor heating.